Jacuzzi® and Daniel Libeskind together at Fuorisalone 2013

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Daniel Libeskind

The Jacuzzi concept for the Fuorisalone 2013 is signed by Daniel Libeskind: a great team effort that gives life to a space designed for wellness, able to transform what is normally considered to be purely functional into an exclusive, luxurious design icon, equipped with the incomparable hydromassage technology by Jacuzzi.

The result is Flow that, starting from the innovative City Spa Jacuzzi, is the result of a juxtaposition of two classic geometries, with a circular base that twists to gradually turn into a square top deck. Its shape harks back to the intricate Roman thermal baths and eccentric Baroque cisterns, as well as reminding one of the rotating movement of a marine whirlpool.

Libeskind Flow

Libeskind plunges headlong into the world of wellness with Flow, that results in his architecture running through the veins of the finest materials, in a design that reflects his multi-disciplinary approach to urban design and puts it into context in a place created to evoke balance and harmony with one’s own body and soul. This is a space that Jacuzzi has always filled with cutting-edge technology, professional performance, and pure sensory pleasure, to satisfy the needs and expectations of those looking to take care of themselves in a gratifying, all-round way.

Flow is a unique product that marks the beginning of an interesting collaboration between Daniel Libeskind and Jacuzzi that will continue with a range of baths and showers, the result of this famous international architect’s interest in the world of day-to-day objects and the aspects they highlight of their settings and the people that use them, along with the technological know-how and exclusive design this leading, world famous brand combines with its outstanding expertise in the world of wellness.